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Core aeration & seeding in Calvert County, MDCore Aeration & Seeding Services

Grow your lawn thicker and faster with core aeration and seeding for homeowners in Calvert County, MD. Additionally, we’ll help rejuvenate your lawn, make your existing lawn grow thicker and healthier.

After a hot summer, your lawn may show signs of distress from drought, heat and insect damage on your lawn. Thus, core aeration and seeding are options for a healthy lawn that may be struggling due to a number of issues with the soil or grass itself.

Leave the labor to Calvert Lawn Care and savor the time you reclaim!

The Benefits of Aeration & Seeding

  • The best treatment for controlling thatch
  • Loosens up compacted soil
  • Revitalize your lawn with core aeration and seeding in the fall
  • Allows water and nutrients to reach roots of turf easier and quicker
  • Done annually, aeration helps keep your lawn and soil in excellent condition

Revitalizing the growth of your entire lawn with core aeration and seeding!

Aeration is a process that uses a device to punch holes and remove the cores of the grass and soil, which allows air, water, and nutrients to access the roots of the grass. Both core aeration and seeding together is done to help strengthen your lawn and get rid of bare patches.

Lawn overseeding in Calvert County, MD

Core aeration and seeding is most beneficial for your lawn when you perform it in the fall. In addition, routine aeration is a key component to maintaining both a healthy lawn and healthy soil.

Overseeding – What is involved?

During our overseeding service, we add new grass seed to your existing lawn to thicken the current turf. In addition lawns that are starting to thin and have been affected over time by weather and lawn disease will benefit from overseeding.

During the process of overseeding, soil-to-seed contact is required to obtain the best results of germination.

The Process of overseeding

We follow a basic overseeding process for our residential customers. Therefore, we use a handheld or broadcast spreader to lay the seed across your lawn as evenly as possible. Finally, after seeding, we advise customers to keep their lawns hydrated to establish healthy roots.

Finally, core aeration and seeding together will help fill in your lawn after a long hot summer. Resume regular lawn mowing and maintenance routines when the grass starts growing and the roots are established.

It is important to aerate and dethatch your property prior to overseeding for the most optimal results on your lawn.

Aeration & Seeding for homeowners!

Core aeration and seeding for homeowners in Calvert County, MD.

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