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Lawn care services in Sunderland, MDLawn Care Services in Sunderland, MD

Providing lawn care services in Sunderland, MD for homeowners. Whether you’re looking for routine mowing services or landscape maintenance contractor that can handle routine property maintenance, you want a team that you can trust. If you live in the Sunderland, MD area of Calvert County, that means you’re looking for Calvert Lawn Care!

Our crews have been providing lawn care services in Sunderland for years, providing ongoing local mowing services to landscape maintenance that meet your needs. We’ve handled and repaired it all, so no matter the size or scale of your needs, you can rest easy. 

Sunderland Lawn Mowing

The number of mows your lawn will need throughout the growing season can change depending on a variety of factors including lawn type, temperature, and weather. The more rain we have, the more often the lawn will need to be mowed. Therefore, during the peak mowing season, your lawn may need to be mowed twice per week.

For an average Maryland year, we provide 20-30 mows from mid-April and late October. At the beginning and end of the season, your mows will typically be bi-weekly. We keep all our customers on monthly mowing schedules to ensure your lawn is always looking its best!

Other Lawn Services Included

String Trimming is performed around areas the mower cannot reach, such as trees, hardscaping, buildings, and other areas.

Edging is done along your walkways and driveways to clearly define the lawn from any paved areas giving your lawn a polished look.

Blowing is performed at the end, which is where any grass clippings left over are blown back into the lawn. This keeps your pathways clean and clear!

Double Cut is a technique we use during the peak mowing season to help alleviate excessive grass clipping from smothering your lawn. We may also use other equipment and techniques to collect the clipping and remove them from your lawn. This service is done when deemed necessary by our lawn technicians or can be requested by you with possible pre-approved charges.

lawn mowing services in sunderland
Local lawn mowing service in Sunderland, MD

We do more than just cut the grass

Our company doesn’t just cut your grass, we maintain your entire yard. Included with our lawn care services in Sunderland. This includes removing debris from your yard and landscape beds. Additionally, carefully trimming against your home, fences and tight areas, as well as edging against sidewalks and driveways to create that nice sharp finish. After we’re done, we take the time to clean up after ourselves, clear your driveway and walkways and leave your property in even better shape than before we got there.

You can also work additional services into your ongoing maintenance, such as lawn aeration, trimming your landscape and small trees. When you want to increase your free time, we will help you achieve those goals with our lawn care services in Sunderland. Our job is to make your yard beautiful and reclaim some of your free time.

You don’t have to spend your evenings or weekends mowing when we can do it professionally at an affordable cost all season long!

Choosing a lawn service for your home

We know you have many choices when it comes to hiring a lawn maintenance professional. Because of this, we must stand out from the rest by consistently delivering higher quality lawn services in Sunderland and providing the absolute best customer service.

We also have the proper professional equipment for the size and obstacles of your lawn, which enables us to deliver that high quality result with our lawn care services in Sunderland.

Lawn maintenance in Sunderland

We offer both one-time trimming services and ongoing landscape maintenance with our lawn care services in Sunderland. If you’re located in Sunderland contact us to get started!

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