Chesapeake Beach Lawn Care Service

lawn care services in chesapeake beachLawn Care Services in Chesapeake Beach, MD

Providing residential lawn care services in Chesapeake Beach, MD. Additionally, at Calvert Lawn Care, our professionalism, top quality equipment we give to each property set us apart. As a matter of fact, we are one of the finest lawn mowing and maintenance companies in the region.

Finally, have our experienced experts provide you with our lawn care services in Chesapeake Beach for your home.

Chesapeake Beach Lawn Mowing

Our crew arrives at your home, with all the equipment necessary to perform your mowing and maintenance. Additionally, here in the Calvert County and Chesapeake Beach City region, we mow your grass on an annual schedule of approximately 25-35 mows a year, which consist of:

  • Weekly mowing from April through November
  • Edging, string trimming and blowing too

In addition to lawn mowing, we provide other maintenance services for your property to keep it looking its best. Not to mention, we do string trimming around your house. Not only…but also fence, trees, and any other areas where our mowers cannot reach. Second, our team also provides edging along sidewalks and driveway. Finally, we use commercial strength blowers to blow grass clippings from your hardscaping into the lawn. 

Local lawn mowing services in chesapeake beach
Local lawn mowing service in Chesapeake Beach, MD

Our Landscape Trimming Is Available Now for Homeowners

The health of your hedges, plants, shrubs/bushes, and small trees can really suffer if they are trimmed and pruned with proper technique. At Calvert Lawn Care, our knowledgeable professionals can properly trim and prune the bushes and other plants of your landscape beds, using commercial grade equipment.

Your trimming and pruning needs are in good hands when you invest in landscape maintenance through Calvert Lawn Care . Therefore, if you own a home or live in the Chesapeake Beach region, inquire about these services separately or in conjunction with your regularly scheduled lawn mowing services.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Lawn care services in Chesapeake Beach include aeration and controlling dethatching are two of the most overlooked – yet important- aspects of lawn care. As a matter of fact, the primary purpose of these services is to allow your lawn to breathe and better absorb nutrients . Therefore, resulting in a thicker, greener and healthier lawn.

Lawn maintenance in Chesapeake Beach

Put your lawn mowing and maintenance in capable hands. Furthermore, our team takes proper care in providing meticulous maintenance to your property. Not to mention, we bring our professional equipment, do the job. Finally, take care to ensure that any gates are closed and secured.

Contact us to find out more about how our lawn care services in Chesapeake Beach can benefit your property! 

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