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lawn care services in dunkrikLawn Care Services in Dunkirk, MD

Keep your lawn maintained with our lawn care services in Dunkirk, MD. Our lawn services provide a sense of comfort and assurances for homeowners in Calvert County. As a matter of fact, whether you’re looking for routine lawn mowing to shrub trimming, you want a lawn care team near you that you can trust. Our team members have been providing local lawn care services in Dunkirk for years. Likewise, providing access to lawn and landscape maintenance for homeowners.

How can we help?

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Trimming & Pruning
  • Aeration & Seeding
  • Spring & Fall Cleanups

Full-Service Package

The foundation of our lawn care services in Dunkirk is quality maintenance. Our full-maintenance package, includes lawn mowing & string trimming, landscape trimming, and more. Besides lawn mowing our lawn maintenance includes core aeration, seeding and yard cleanups. Additionally, our landscape maintenance include trimming for your shrubs, bushes and hedges. Designed for homeowners who would like to combine our lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance services.

Dunkirk Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing solutions for homeowners in Dunkirk. From mid-April to late November, which is the prime growing season for your grass, your lawn requires consistent, weekly mowing to maintain its health and vibrancy. Get lawn mowing and grounds maintenance, we mow your residential property approximately 25-35 times per year. No matter what type of lawn we service, we follow a proper grass cutting technique, which involves following the one-third rule – Never trim more than one-third the height of your grass blades. This promotes healthy growth and allows your lawn to soak in nutrients and perform proper photosynthesis.

lawn mowing services in dunkirk
Local lawn mowing service in Dunkirk, MD

Trimming, edging and blowing!

Along with mowing your grass weekly, our services include string trimming, edging, and blowing. Together with mowing to give your turf a fresh trim and your property a well-maintained look.

We string trim around hard to reach areas such as your fence, house, trees, mailboxes, and other exterior obstacles. In addition, edging creates a straight border around your driveways and walkways. Of course at the end of your services, we leave everything clean and tidy by blowing grass clippings and debris off your property’s driveway and walkways.

Stop spending hours of your precious time and energy in your lawn. Get back to time with your family and other hobbies, and let us take care of your lawn mowing – hassle-free – lawn mowing service you can boast about!

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn care services in Dunkirk include aeration and seeding solutions. Aeration is a method that is used to compensate for the thatch buildup that accumulates throughout the year in Maryland. Also, it works by pulling small plugs of soil out of the ground throughout your entire yard. Therefore, this creates holes in the thatch, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the roots deep in the soil, helping your grass thrive.

After aeration, we take advantage of these optimal conditions for seed germination. Coupled with seed gives your lawn the opportunity for the new roots to reach deep down into the soil and establish a strong root system. These seeds will then transform into a thick layer of turf, which will not only look healthy and green, but also prevent weeds from taking hold in your lawn.

Benefits of aeration & overseeding

  • Get a fuller, greener lawn
  • Fill in bare spots or thin areas of your lawn
  • Naturally break up thatch
  • Naturally prevent weeds and disease
  • Aeration provides the optimal conditions for grass seed germination

When to aerate and seed?

The fall is the optimal time to ensure maximum effect. Without proper yearly aeration in the Maryland area, seeds will take longer to germinate and lead to overall less healthy grass. By aerating in the fall, the seeds you plant will be ready to thrive during the next growing season and produce the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted. Finally, no lawn care program is complete without yearly aeration and seeding.

With just one visit, we will both aerate and seed your lawn. Combined with our Lawn maintenance, we will get you on your way to a healthier, rejuvenated lawn in no time.

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

We do both trimming and pruning of your bushes, shrubs, and hedges to maintain the health and beauty of your landscaping plants. One of the most requested services we offer homeowners is landscape trimming. Which includes both trimming and pruning for a variety of small trees, bushes, plants, shrubs, and hedges. Additionally most landscaping plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and require delicate pruning and trimming. Therefore maintaining the health and beauty of the growing plant.

In the Dunkirk area, we offer residents a combination landscape trimming and pruning service for your small trees. Keep your property maintained for its curb appeal all year long.

Yard Cleanups

Keep your property pristine all season long with yard waste & debris removal, mowing, and general lawn & landscaping maintenance. Our yard cleanups help homeowners take care of a number of property maintenance items all at once. Therefore, we offer our yard cleanup services to residents in and around the areas of Dunkirk. Finally, the purpose of this annual service is to clear your property of any yard waste or debris that may have resulted from any seasonal changes or certain weather conditions. 

Lawn maintenance in Dunkirk

Whether it’s general lawn maintenance, aeration and seeding or landscape maintenance, Calvert Lawn Care can help. Contact us today to get started and make arrangements for your lawn and landscape maintenance.

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