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lawn care services in owingsLawn Care Services in Owings, MD

Providing lawn care services in Owings, MD. Whether you’re looking for lawn care service, landscape maintenance for your shrubs, bushes and hedges or routine lawn mowing services, you want a contractor you can trust. Therefore, if you are looking for shrub trimming, routine lawn mowing or lawn aeration, that means you’re looking for Calvert Lawn Care!

Owings Lawn Mowing

If you have a lawn, mowing is inevitable, from the last frost in the spring to the first frost in fall, most Calvert County lawn owners face 7 months of mowing. Besides, mowing requires time for the labor, strength and portability for trimming removal, persistence for weed control, and maintenance for equipment. In fact, leave the labor to Calvert Lawn Care and savor the time you reclaim!

With Calvert Lawn Care, you can schedule recurring weekly or biweekly plans, to take the hassle out of mowing. Additionally, you can expect our professionals to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful. Our meticulous attention to detail and overall aesthetic will increase the curb appeal of your home and create an inviting landscape.

Calvert Lawn Care professional lawn mowing includes:

  • Careful and safe mowing of your lawn
  • Sharp edging against lawn borders
  • Trimming around obstacles such as trees, gardens, and fences
lawn mowing services in owings
Local lawn mowing service in Owings, MD

Using the right equipment for the job

Our mowers, weed-eaters and edgers are sharp and adjusted to optimal settings for your lawn. Therefore, a lawn that is too short can damage the individual grass plants, whereas a lawn too long can allow pollen and seed production and set-off subsequent allergies. In fact, we take the guesswork out of the job, to provide you with a lawn at the optimal height for the season and for your lifestyle.

How can we help?

  • Seasonal Yard Cleanups
  • Routine Lawn Mowing Service
  • Trimming & Pruning for your landscape
  • Core Aeration

Seasonal Yard Cleanups

A cleaner yard – leaves and debris make a yard look cluttered and unkempt, decreasing curb appeal and even influencing home value. Likewise, most realtors will recommend a yard clean up prior to marketing or listing a home. Similarly, a clean yard provides more than beauty, though. Finally, residual leaves left behind on the lawn can suppress new grass growth, and the moisture they trap can promote pathogen growth.

Lawn Aeration Solutions

Aeration involves punching holes one to 2.5 inches deep into your lawn with special equipment. For example, the purpose is to allow fertilizers, oxygen, water, and other important nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This gives your grass better nutrition than it receives with fertilizer. You can go several years between aerating sessions, which is why it doesn’t make sense for area homeowners to invest in their own equipment.

Shrub and hedge trimming

Landscape maintenance for your shrubs, hedges and bushes. In addition to lawn mowing, we provide shrub and hedge trimming for your landscape maintenance.

Calvert Lawn Care takes pride in the work we provide, and understand that the outdoor aesthetics of your home is fundamental to your wellbeing. Let us exceed your expectations with our lawn care services in Owings – call for a free quote today!

Lawn maintenance in Owings

If you’re located in Owings, MD or surrounding areas, we can service your property. Contact us today for more information on our lawn mowing services and landscape maintenance for homeowners in Calvert County.

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