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lawn care services in prince frederickLawn Care Services in Prince Frederick, MD

At Calvert Lawn Care, we provide experienced, lawn care services in Prince Frederick for homeowners. Additionally, we’re located in Calvert County, Maryland. Our specialty services include ongoing lawn and landscape maintenance packages.

We would love the opportunity to maintain your lawn and landscaping as a long-term customer. Finally, every time we provide any of our services, your satisfaction is at the top of our list.

Prince Frederick Lawn Mowing

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and relax with your family instead of spending an hour or more mowing the lawn every week? When you hire Calvert Lawn Care, you can get some of your free time back. We offer professional lawn mowing services to homeowners in Prince Frederick, MD with all types of lawns.

Do you live on a property with several acres of grass to cut? That’s no problem. We can work with any situation, including mowing around gates, tight spaces, lawn ornaments, and other obstacles. Best of all, you can establish a regular lawn mowing schedule and cross this chore off your list. A consistent schedule of lawn mowing promotes healthy growth of your grass by discouraging diseases from taking hold.

Lawn mowing services in Prince Frederick
Local lawn mowing service in Prince Frederick, MD

Landscape Maintenance

There are extra benefits to investing in our landscape trimming and pruning services. Likewise, the curb appeal of your home will improve, as one example. However, the health of your plants can’t be understated, as your plants will receive the optimal amount of sunlight that they need to propel photosynthesis, which is how plants process the nutrients they need.

Letting the bushes, shrubs, hedges, and small trees in your landscaping grow unchecked is not only an eyesore, it is unhealthy for the plants. Therefore, with our trimming and pruning services, we make sure your plants grow in a healthy way and a proper shape for each, specific plant. Finally, keep up with your landscape with lawn care services in Prince Frederick. 

Core Aeration

Best when done in late September, or early October, our core aeration and overseeding service will repair damage to your lawn, while creating thicker grass and healthier roots.

Do you know what keeps your lawn healthy, green, and thriving? Regular mowing and maintenance will only take your lawn so far. However, treating your yard with annual aeration and overseeding will create stronger roots, resulting in a thicker lawn.

We schedule these services during the months of September and October, during this time, your grass can soak up nutrients and oxygen well before freezing temperatures and the buildup of fall leaves.

Lawn maintenance in Prince Frederick

At Calvert Lawn Care, we offer lawn care services in Prince Frederick, MD. Get in touch with us for your local lawn and landscape maintenance for the seasons.

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