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Trimming and pruning services in Calvert County, MDTrimming and Pruning Services in Calvert County, MD

We provide trimming and pruning services for residents in Calvert County, MD. Both trimming and pruning mean removing parts of your plants, but each is done differently and for different reasons.

Trimming is the practice of generally cutting back bushes and hedges for size, shape, and look. Additionally pruning is what we do when we need to remove dead branches and prevent the spread of disease within the plant.

As part of your landscaping maintenance, Calvert Lawn Care offers trimming and pruning of your small trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Trimming and pruning tend to get forgotten or not done regularly enough and your plants suffer because of this.

Our professionals offer homeowners routine trimming and pruning services for your property’s greenery. Continue reading to learn the benefits with trimming and pruning.

Benefits of trimming and pruning

Unfortunately, the plants in our landscaping beds can’t just grow wild. If we let them, they would become overgrown and stringy, eventually turning your landscape into a small jungle. With regular trimming and pruning, we can be sure your shrubs and hedges remain at the proper size and continue growing strong. Here are a few benefits of regular trimming and pruning:

  • Promotes thicker and fuller growth from the areas cut.
  • Cleaning and shaping of your plants, especially important for bushes and hedges.
  • Pruning removes diseased, dying, and stray/irregular branches.
  • Control the size of your plants.

Routine trimming & pruning 

Trimming and pruning services are fundamental parts of your landscape’s health, beauty, and longevity. With the changing seasons in the Southern Maryland area, trimming and pruning should be done at certain times of the year, based on the type of plants and shrubs you have. Though similar, trimming and pruning are not the same thing.

When should pruning and trimming occur?

The ideal time to prune and trim your plants will vary based on the type of plants you have. For example, most deciduous plants that don’t bloom should be pruned and trimmed before the start of the growing season, in late March or early April. For plants that do produce blooms, pruning after blooming has occurred is the best approach.

The safest route is to hire our team of professionals. We’ll see what types of plants you have and recommend the best time to trim and prune, resulting in healthier, thicker growth. Trimming and pruning services Recommended at least twice per year.

Shrub trimming and pruning services

The difference between trimming and pruning

The two are often used interchangeably, trimming and pruning serve two distinct and important purposes. Additionally trimming helps shape to your plants and maintain their ideal size within your landscape design. Likewise, this is ideal for plants like the box hedges and usually involves trimming the ends of all the plants’ branches.

Pruning is a more selective process by strategically removing branches throughout the plant. For instance, pruning promotes growth, encourages lush greenery and larger fruit. Therefore helps avoid the spread of disease by preemptively removing any dead or diseased branches. Additionally it creates better air circulation and light for your plants and your overall landscape.

Shrub trimming for homeowners!

We provide trimming and pruning services for homeowners in Calvert County, MD.

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