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Spring and fall yard cleanups in Calvert County, MDSpring & Fall Yard Cleanups in Calvert County, MD

Spring & fall yard cleanups for residential homes. Lawn mowing and maintenance typically come to mind when people hire a lawn service company. However, there are proper cleanup routines that need to be done in both fall and spring to ensure your lawn and landscape thrives throughout the rest of the year.

In Southern Maryland and the Calvert County areas, we have warm summers and cold winters. Therefore which wreak havoc on your grass and plants. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure your lawn and landscape are ready for the growing season and the winter season.

Spring cleanup services

Prepare your lawn and landscape for the growing season and is also the time for shrub trimming

The best time to start your spring yard cleanup in Maryland is around April or May. Trimming and pruning your landscaping beds is a huge part of spring cleanups, however, there are additional services intended to prepare your lawn for the new year and get it out of its winter rut. Spring is the time to prepare your lawn and get it ready to grow properly after being subjected to the harsh winter season.

Our spring cleanup services include:

  • Debris Removal – Getting rid of winter debris such as fallen branches and leaves.
  • Trimming & Pruning – Optional – We’ll properly cut back and prune the necessary shrubs & plants.
  • Mowing & Maintenance – Optional – This is the time to kick off regular maintenance such as mowing service.

Spring and fall leaf removal services

Fall cleanup services

Prepare your lawn and landscape to go dormant for the winter and focus on leaf removal

Just like in spring, we’re ready to get your lawn into hibernation mode before the cold seasons blow in. Additionally, the best time for fall cleanup in Maryland is during October or November.

Fall yard cleanup focuses mostly on making sure that fallen leaves are raked and removed from your yard and landscaping. Allowing leaves to compile and stay on your lawn all winter long can create winter rot and kill your lawn. Likewise, without necessary fall cleanup, dead leaves will smother the lawn, block sunlight, and create mold/disease.

Our fall cleanup services include:

  • Leaf Removal – The most important aspect of fall cleanups. We’ll remove all the leaves from your lawn and landscape beds.
  • Weeding Landscape Beds – Optional – As the mulch in your beds starts to break down, some weeds may start to emerge. We’ll clear them out before winter hits.

Yard cleanups for homeowners!

Spring & fall yard cleanups for homeowners in Calvert County, MD means yard cleanups are in high-demand. Additionally, we recommend you to reach out to us after the first of the year to schedule both spring and fall cleanups to ensure we can fit you on our list.

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